Composer, guitarist, arranger and musical educator.

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Eduardo Pinheiro is a restless artist who has been practicing composing and arranging for instrumental formations for years, but has a huge appreciation for poetry and the richness of songs.

His main reference is the Brazilian folk/popular rhythms, which he’s an eternal lover and researcher, using as raw material for his musical ideas. In addition to a very independent synthesis of various elements of concert music, world music and jazz, what is particularly striking is the range of his compositions.

Eduardo Pinheiro, hailing from Belo Horizonte, Brazil, is a master of the guitar with a degree from the Dresden University of Music. Renowned for his role in the award-winning guitar duo „Guanduo,“ he showcased his musical prowess in albums like „Inventos“ (2015) and „Música Disfarçada de Gente“ (2019). With accolades such as the BASF Schwarzwald Eco-Prize, the MIMO and BDMG INSTRUMENTAL Awards, he has graced stages across South America, Europe, and Africa.

In 2019, his composition „Francamente“ earned recognition, followed by prizes FIDELIO and Novas 4 composition for guitar in 2020. In 2021 he composed a piece for the micro-composition series on behalf of MDR-Klassik. Amidst the pandemic lockdown, Pinheiro delved into new compositions, refining his solo career and enhancing recording and production skills. Currently, he produces a solo album ‚Memoria – Taste of Time‘, featuring virtuoso pieces, stunning harmonies, contrapuntal elements and Afro-Brazilian influences.


New album – April 2024

Memoria – Taste of Time

stunning harmonies, contrapuntal elements and Afro-Brazilian influences.


Teaser – Valsa Afojubá
Valsa Afojubá

13 de Fevereiro (ft. Anna von Koch)

Album’s Datalsheet

  • Compositions: Eduardo Pinheiro
  • 7- Strings Guitar, Electric Guitar, Manouche Guitar, Tamborim and Adufe: Eduardo Pinheiro
  • Cello: Anna von Koch
  • Clarinet and Bass Clarinet: Klara Fabry
  • Double bass: Samuel Passos
  • Ilús, Xequerê, Cowbells: João Afojubá
  • Vocals/Choir: Anna von Koch, Ronaldo Breve, Samuel Passos and Eduardo Pinheiro
  • Mixing and Production: Eduardo Pinheiro
  • Master and Production assistent: Samuel Passos
  • Artwork: Antonio Gil Leal (artist) and Caio Neiva (designer)

Hey Dudu,

Now that I have been observing your interpretation for a longer period of time as a soloist and accompanist on the guitar, I cannot help but comment face to face on how impressed I am with your musical preparation. So young, yet such a long road already traveled to reach this point of maturity, encountering the harmonic – melodic – rhythmic plenitude that his two hands produce on the instrument. With my trained and comprehensive perception, I can say that at no time did I hear anything that didn’t satisfy my ear and even more: surprise after surprise that took my breath away, in front of your accurate and humorous remarks (which the public would rate with a simple recognition and admiration). I know how much detail, wisdom and especially sensitivity there is in this! I say this because I have the habit of observing and commenting to myself, in the smallest details, what I am hearing, missing nothing.


Ian Guest

Author, Composer, Musical Educator.


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